Episode 218

Published on:

10th Jul, 2024

Episode 217

Published on:

3rd Jul, 2024

Episode 216

Published on:

26th Jun, 2024

Episode 215

Published on:

19th Jun, 2024

Episode 214

Published on:

12th Jun, 2024

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About the Podcast

Pixie Dust Twins Podcast
Featuring Dan
Ashley and Sammi have been best friends for over 20 years, and Disney fans for even longer. Their love of all things Disney, from the parks, to movies, to books and more, is one of the biggest reasons they are still close to this day. And introducing Dan! Special guest turned third co-host, Dan brings his unique perspective and fascinating insights to balance out the show. Come hang out with the gang as they talk about all of their favorite magical things! You just might find yourself sprinkled with your own pixie dust by the end of each episode!

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Robert Brooksby

I produce all of the podcasts on the Limitless Broadcasting Network in addition to producing film projects for our sister network, 1950Studios. I am a chronic pain warrior, and I work every day to make sure it doesn't limit me as I reach for my dreams. I love horror movies, especially "Scream," and I find all things supernatural and spooky fascinating.